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Recipe of zucchini quiche without cream

Creamless zucchini quiche recipe

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Do you want to prepare a delicious quiche but do not want to add cream? Whether you are lactose intolerant or simply do not want to ingest this ingredient, in Easyrecipe.top we explain how to prepare a delicious zucchini quiche without cream to leave everyone with their mouths open.

Show off with this versatile and delicious dish! Say yes to this zucchini quiche without cream and enjoy a different and delicious option.


  • 1 large puff pastry base
  • 3 eggs
  • 175 ml. milk
  • 45 gr. of butter
  • 1 zucchini
  • 100 gr. of taquitos of bacon
  • 100 gr. grated Emmental cheese
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • ½ tablespoon of salt
  • ½ tablespoon of pepper

Preparation of zucchini quiche without cream

  1. Start by preheating the oven to 180ºC. Then place the puff pastry in a round mold, add a little flour to the bottom or cover the mold with greaseproof paper to prevent it from sticking. It is important to also coat the walls of the mold to have a good base for your zucchini quiche without cream.
  2. Put the base in the oven for 5 minutes at 180º C to brown it a little. When the dough is done, do not turn off the oven as you will need it again.
  3. Peel the zucchini and dice it, then heat the two tablespoons of oil in a pan and sauté the zucchini for a couple of minutes over medium heat.
  4. When you see that the zucchini is taking a bit of color, add the bacon cubes and reduce to low heat. From time to time stir and season the filling to your liking.
  5. While this sauce is being made, beat the eggs in a bowl and add salt and pepper. When the egg is perfectly mixed, add the butter at room temperature and beat until you get a smooth mixture similar to a kind of cream.
  6. Next, with the help of electric rods, you must beat while you are adding the milk without stopping a single moment, in this way both ingredients will be combined in a new mixture that will be very smooth.
  7. The bacon and zucchini will be ready, so, being very careful not to get oil, transfer it to the bowl where you have made the mixture of the eggs with the rest of the ingredients. Stir with a ladle for a couple of minutes to integrate both ingredients to this mixture.
  8. Next, transfer the mixture to the puff pastry base using a spoon or a trowel to distribute the content well, making sure that there is not a single uncoated space. Lastly, sprinkle the grated cheese all over the quiche you’ve made.
  9. Now you must put it in the oven at 180 ºC up and down for about 15 minutes. If you want a quiche that is more crunchy, you will need to let it bake for at least 20 minutes.
  10. This no-cream zucchini quiche is super easy to make! That is why it is the perfect option for those occasions when you are looking for a delicious but simple dish to prepare. Enjoy its flavor and enjoy it.

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