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Microwave roasted chestnuts recipe

Microwave roasted chestnuts recipe

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Roasted chestnuts can be prepared in several ways, but without a doubt, one of the simplest ways is by following the steps that we give you in this recipe. roasted chestnuts in the microwave. On Easyrecipe.top We like to look for your comfort, and that is why we have prepared a step by step so that you can taste some exquisite chestnuts without complicating yourself at all. Write down the following instructions, and you’ll be savoring them in no time!

But, do you want to accompany them with more preparations typical of autumn? Well, dare also at home with some baked churros, another preparation that practically everyone likes.

You are ready? Well come on, stay with the steps so that they come out yummy these roasted chestnuts in the microwave.


  • 200 gr. chestnuts
  • Salt

Preparation of roasted chestnuts in the microwave

  1. Before putting the chestnuts in the microwave, you must take them one by one and make two cross-shaped cuts with the help of a sharp knife. These cuts should be made in the flat part of the chestnuts and not in the one that is more meaty. You should try to pierce the two skins of the chestnuts with these cuts.
  2. If you want, instead of making these cuts in the shape of a cross, you can slit them by opening them in half. Try not to open them all the way.
  3. Next, you have to program the microwave by setting it to 800 watts. Place the chestnuts on a plate and put it in the microwave and leave them alone for three minutes. It will be enough.
  4. Now you must place a cloth on a plate, leaving half of said cloth outside of it. Place the roasted chestnuts on top of that cloth and add a pinch of salt to your liking. Do it inside the cuts, otherwise it will be useless. Then you have to cover them.
  5. Wait for them to rest for a couple of minutes and your roasted chestnuts will be ready in the microwave. Have you seen how simple it is? Well now don’t wait any longer and run to take them right away. Take advantage!

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