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Artichokes in honey batter recipe

Honey battered artichokes recipe

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Did you know that you can prepare some delicious artichokes battered with honey? If you haven’t tried them yet, we recommend that you don’t wait another day. Honey gives them a very original touch of flavor that is hard to resist. Write down the steps that we indicate in Easyrecipe.top, They are going to come out yummy!

In addition, these sweet artichokes are perfect to serve as a garnish in meat dishes as a good Stuffed Chicken or some baked turkey thighs.

Now we are going to prepare these artichokes battered with honey that will delight the whole family. Let’s go there!


  • 6 artichokes
  • 1 glass of honey (flower or cane)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Flour
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Preparation of artichokes battered with honey

  1. Clean all the artichokes well, removing the first outer leaves and cutting the stems. These leaves are very tough, and cannot be chewed well.
  2. Once you clean the artichokes, you should cut them in half, and put them in a bowl with enough water to cover them and a little salt (to give them flavor). Add the lemon juice to them as well, so they don’t darken.
  3. Now you must prepare the batter. So put the honey and a little cold water in a bowl, and stir both ingredients well.
  4. Start to incorporate flour little by little, which it admits until it forms a homogeneous and a little sticky dough, stirring the ingredients. Also see if the mixture needs more water.
  5. Next you must rinse the artichokes, and drain them enough so that they do not release water when coating them. You can even tighten them a bit.
  6. Take them to the bowl that contains the dough, and give them a few turns inside it so that they are well soaked in it.
  7. Put the artichokes to rest for a few minutes, and then add a lot of olive oil to a frying pan. Heat it over medium heat, and when it’s hot, start frying the artichokes in it in batches, without overlapping.
  8. These artichokes should be golden brown on the outside, so when they are this color, they are probably done on the inside as well. For this reason, it is very important to fry them over medium heat, so that they do not remain raw on the inside but do not get too toasted on the outside.
  9. Go transferring the artichokes to a plate with a base of absorbent kitchen paper, so that they release the excess oil. And that’s all! You can now have your artichokes battered with honey, before they cool, so that they are very rich and crisp. Enjoy your meal!


  • If you want to give your artichokes a more bitter taste, use cane syrup. But if you want them to taste sweeter, use flower honey instead.

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