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Chinese Wine Recipe What wine do Chinese drink?

Chinese wine What wine do Chinese drink?

chinese wineThe Chinese wine market begins to move, sales rise every year, analysts do not stop commenting on its great potential and among the 1.3 billion Chinese, some are beginning to be curious about wine culture. It is the upper-middle class and the wealthiest of the large urban centers of Chinese society who consume foreign wines, preferably French. A growing percentage but symbolic because the vast majority still drankendo Chinese nationally produced wine. Let’s see its characteristics:

Chinese wine usually contains spices, medicinal herbs, or aromatic fruits.

Wine has been made in China for many years. It is the sixth country in vineyard area of the world, representing 6.6% of world plantations. Despite this, many of the areas are not suitable for quality cultivation due to their climatic conditions. More than 400 million whore jiu, came by Mandarin, and name that refers to any liquor produced with a content greater than 50% of grape wine. And it is that the preferences of most Chinese regarding the taste of wine have little to do with ours … for now. Drinks with medicinal herbs, spices or flavored with fruits are part of their culture.

Actually there are more than 350 wineries in China. Many of them are small properties that work locally. But the reality is different, and that is the Chinese domestic market is in the hands of a few processors. The most important Dynasty, Yantai Changyu, Great Wall, Huadong, Weilong or Dragon Seal they fill supermarket shelves with inexpensive wines between 3 and 5 euros. You can buy wines from the variety Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir.A market as large and segmented as the styles of wines that we can meet there.

If you liked this article about Chinese wines, you may want to know more about their gastronomic customs, wineries or you could even consider traveling to China to see all its wonders.

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