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Green tea truths and lies recipe

Truths and lies about green tea

Is everything that is said about the Green Tea?

  • truths and lies of green teaGreen tea to remove stretch marks

    Something that has been talked about a lot about green tea in the last decade is that it can help remove stretch marks once they have appeared, but is that true? Stretch marks are skin atrophies that are lines that appear due to a rapid stretching of the skin, due to being overweight or pregnant. In this case there is a breakdown of the collagen and elastin fibers, which weakens the skin and becomes susceptible to scarring. Well, green tea has a powerful skin rejuvenation effect thanks to its antioxidant properties, and if it is applied in the area where you have stretch marks, they will disappear over time.

  • Serves to lose weight

    Perhaps one of the benefits of green tea more relaxed is that this drink helps you lose weight.
    While it is true that this drink has a strong satiating effect on our body, preventing us from snacking between meals, in addition to lacking fat, it is not only its consumption that helps us lose weight. A person cannot lose weight just because he drinks this tea. It will help in the process of avoiding snacking between meals, but you will have to eat a healthy diet and get some exercise to help you lose weight.

  • Increase defenses

    There is no doubt that green tea is a drink very rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps to increase the immune system of our body and thus avoid diseases such as a cold or cancer.
    However, something curious is that it also contains fluoride. Fluoride is not a good thing for our body in large doses, so at the same time that it increases our defenses, an abuse of this drink can cause cancer.

  • Take care of the skin

    Green tea has very powerful antioxidant properties, which has led to many face and body ointments and creams being created as beauty products.
    Without a doubt, it is true that it helps the skin to age more slowly, but it does not have a rejuvenating effect. It just makes the body’s cells healthier and ages more slowly, but it doesn’t rejuvenate them.

  • Green tea clears acne

    Green tea is good for the skin, it is true, but it is not that it will work miracles overnight.
    The antioxidant properties and its vitamin C content make the part of the body affected by acne regenerate little by little, but it will take some time, do not expect it to be applying a little green tea ointment or the drink on the face and the acne disappears right away.

  • Tastes better if you add something to it

    It is normal that the flavor of green tea cannot be liked by some person, but, if you want to drink it to take advantage of all its properties, what can you do?
    Well, there are studies that support that if sugar is added, as long as it is not refined, it does not affect the properties of this drink at all. What’s more, studies show that if it is combined with lemon juice it would help to better absorb the nutrients in this infusion.

  • Serves to fight arthritis

    There are two things said about arthritis and green tea: the first is that it helps fight arthritis and the second is that it helps prevent it.
    Well, although it has not been shown in a scientific project in humans, it was done in a study with rodents. First, a group of rodents were given rheumatoid arthritis very similar to what we humans suffer from and were given green tea to drink. Drinking the equivalent of four cups a day, it greatly helped the arthritis improve, while those who did not only made it worse.
    This study was also applied in reverse. In the first place, green tea was given to rodents and another group was not. After trying to cause arthritis, those who regularly drank this infusion turned out to be immune to arthritis, while the rest did.

  • Helps fight insomnia and regulate sleep

    Although one of the main contraindications of green tea is that it contains caffeine and its abuse can cause insomnia, knowing how to take it can be a benefit for the body and regulate sleep by fighting insomnia.
    Green tea is a natural relaxant for the body, helping to combat stress, anxiety or depression thanks to polyphenols, antioxidants found in the plant.
    By drinking it regularly, and in the right way, you can achieve a very pleasant sleep. But you should not get used to taking it as a measure to sleep, since it is a double-edged sword that can end up causing the opposite effect to the one you want.

  • Reduces sexual desire

    Something very relaxed in the world is that green tea can reduce sexual desire when consumed. Although it is true that it can cause it, this would only be achieved by abusing this drink a lot. On the one hand, it is because it contains caffeine, a vasoconstrictor that could act negatively when having erections. However, in women it has the opposite effect. Studies have shown that caffeine increases the desire for sex in women.

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