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Vegan Galician Broth Recipe

Vegetarian Galician soup recipe

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Being a vegetarian is not at odds with having a good warm Galician broth. You know why? Because it is also possible to cook a Galician vegetarian broth which is so delicious that it will become a classic in your kitchen. Do you want to know the ingredients it contains, and how it is prepared? Well, go pointing the instructions that you will find here in Easyrecipe.top, Surprise the whole family with a different but flavorful Galician broth!

And there are many vegetarian preparations that you may not know and would surely surprise you. Did you know that you can cook a quinoa burger exquisite? A dish that only has ingredients of vegetable origin, just like the typical vegetable paella.

But this time we are going to make a truly sublime meatless Galician broth. Read on, we’ll explain how!


For the broth:

  • 1 large bunch of turnip greens or 1 small cabbage
  • 200 gr. white beans
  • 750 gr. from potatoes
  • 5 liters of vegetable broth
  • Salt

For the sofrito:

  • 3 teeth of Garlic
  • 100 ml. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika

Preparation of the vegetarian Galician broth

  1. Soak the beans overnight before preparing this broth. The next day, pour the vegetable broth into a large pot, add the drained beans and boil them until they dissolve and the water turns white. This can take about 1.5 to 2 hours. If you are using a pressure cooker, count for about 25 minutes.
  2. Add the potatoes and cook them for 20 minutes, if you use a pressure cooker you should cook this ingredient without pressure.
  3. Then add the turnip tops or the clean cabbage. If you use turnip greens you can add the amount of stems to your liking, the more you add the more tasty the broth will be, however its flavor will also be more intense.
  4. Continue cooking the vegetable without pressure until it is soft. Meanwhile, prepare a sauce with the garlic cloves very well minced in the extra virgin olive oil over low heat. When it’s almost done, take the pan off the heat for a moment, add the sweet paprika, stir quickly and put the pan on the heat again for a few more seconds.
  5. Once the vegetables are almost ready, add this sauce to the pot which will give this preparation a delicious flavor.
  6. And we are done! Let your vegetarian Galician broth rest for a few minutes before serving. This healthy broth is so delicious that you will want to prepare it this way regularly, you’ll see! Enjoy it hot and treat yourself.

Tips for a delicious broth

  • If you wish, you can substitute turnip greens or cabbage with another seasonal vegetable, such as chard or spinach.

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