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Cocktail making utensils recipe

Cocktail making utensils

Sure, it goes without saying, but I am calmer if I do. It is not necessary to have the most expensive and ostentatious bar to prepare rich and effective cocktails. If you get the cocktail making utensils that we show you in this article, the home kitchen will be enough.

Cocktail making utensils

Yes, we need some terms almost common sense to avoid panic or grimace faces, waste of time and failures in front of friends who are anxiously waiting for that fantastic Margarita that you learned to make on a trip and with which you would be the center of the party … And these are: safe and comfortable surface, at a comfortable height, with space to have glasses, ice, the cutting board and knife, space to cut comfortably and without putting anyone or anyone at risk of falls or catastrophes, garbage can, water on hand to rinse and a cloth or paper to dry.

Some professional cocktail making utensils can be substituted for more homemade tools.

These are the utensils that we will use in most recipes. Let’s look at two lists:

One, somewhat permissive, for those who want to make cocktails only in a private way, so that we can improvise things at home to replace certain professional utensils.

Another for those who intend to develop cocktails in an establishment (I recommend preparing properly more thoroughly and with a more professional approach).


Electric mixer (only for slush cocktails).

Jigger meter or measuring cup.

Shaker (28 oz Boston tin, with its closing glass or the classic 3 body).

Mixing glass (a graaaande glass).

Mixing spoon.

Caterpillar strainer (if you have a classic shaker, it already comes in one of the bodies; If you use the Boston tin, it can also be strained with the closing glass itself).

Bottle opener.

Ice shovel or tongs.

Knife and plastic cutting board (the knife is well sharpened and WITHOUT a saw).

Glass trimmer (two small plates will suffice: one for salt or sugar and one for lime juice).


Professional cocktail making utensils:

Electric mixer (for slush cocktails).

Metal pourers (for free pouring).

Jigger meter.

Store N ‘Pour (for juices and premixes. Pay attention to the international color code).

28 oz Boston Shaker, with its closing glass (Boston glass or Boston tin, 16 oz).

Mixing glass (glass).

Long mixing spoon.

Caterpillar strainer.

Blade opener (bottle opener).

Ice shovel and tongs.

Knife and plastic cutting board (the green one is used for fruit! The knife is well sharpened and WITHOUT a saw).

Glass edging.

Garnish caddy (containers for the cut fruit that will be the decoration).

Plastic or metal / rubber mortar.

Fruit peeler.


Bar caddy (container for napkins and straws).

Bar rubbers.

Rubber flooring.

If you are already clear about what cocktail making utensils you need, you can visit our article on how to make a cocktail and our section of recipes.

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