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Varieties Of Green Tea

Red tea varieties

  • types of red tea: This is how red tea is known in Chinese, which is originally from the Yunnan region in China. For hundreds of years it has been a tea that was exclusively drunk by the nobility. The fermentation process of this variety can last from 2 to 60 years. In fact, it is said that the older the pu-erh tea is, it has a stronger flavor and its properties are much better.Nowadays it is rare to find red tea that is more than 50 years old, and if there is, it usually has additives to make it look older than it really is. The pu-erh is obtained in compact balls in the form of cakes that are also known as tea bricks that are crumbled before being prepared.
  • Rooibos: Curiously, it is not considered a red tea as such, but it is known as African red tea. Its scientific name is aspalathus linearis, a silver found in Africa and whose name means red bush. It is very popular there since its leaves are used as infusions, hence it is known by the name of African red tea, although it is not a tea itself.
  • Mixtures: There are different mixtures that can be made with red tea herbs to give them more flavor or have a different aroma. These are:
    • Combine it with some grated orange and grated or ground chocolate.
    • Combine it with ground cinnamon and a little lemon juice or grated lemon peel.
    • Get grated vanilla and mix it with the red tea.
    • Add a little jasmine.
    • Rosehip can also be used for the combination.
    • Mix the red tea with mint and cook it all together so that it has much more flavor.

Now you know all the varieties of red tea. Discover all the properties of this infusion.

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