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Varieties Of Black Tea

White tea varieties

The varieties of white tea most famous that exist are:Cold white tea recipe

  1. Yinzhen: It is the most famous and reputed variety of all that exist of white tea. It is shaped like plant needles, which are very soft to the touch and quite shiny. It is produced in the Fujian region and is quite expensive.
  2. Yu rong: The feathers of this variety closely resemble that of ducks, and it is also a fairly exclusive variety and expensive to obtain. It is very similar to the texture and flavor of green tea.
  3. White pu-erh: It is a mixture of red tea with white tea. White tea undergoes the same process as red tea, combining the two into one.
  4. Bai Mu DanAlthough it is one of the most famous and category has, it is less expensive than the Yinzhen. This makes for a wonderful opportunity to have access to this delight.
  5. Gong Mei: It is a more vulgar variety of white tea, which is prepared with small leaves and leftovers that are discarded in the production process.
  6. Shou mei: Like the previous one, it is a variant that is prepared with small leaves and leftovers, having a much stronger flavor than the more expensive varieties of white tea.
  7. Ceylon: It is characterized by its delicate flavor, with liquor aromas and a slight hint of honey. It is one of the most common to find but it is no less delicious for that.
  8. Assam: It is quite difficult to obtain, and it is one of the most expensive and exclusive varieties that exist, but its flavor is very sweet.
  9. Obire: It is the brand that produces white tea in capsules. These capsules only contain the elements necessary to facilitate weight reduction, eliminate fluid retention and in some cases help with the rejuvenation process.

Now that you know the varieties of this infusion, you can discover more white tea properties.

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