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Who has not ever tried a French omelette? A dish cooked with eggs and oil to which a multitude of ingredients can be added to form truly exquisite combinations.

And it is that a French omelette admits from vegetables, mushrooms, fish, seafood and endless possibilities that make it a perfect base for any occasion.

If you want your French omelette to have something more than eggs, here is a list of suggestions that you are going to love. They are also very easy to cook and almost always very inexpensive.

Traditional French Omelette Recipe

Preparing a French omelette is very simple, as we will only need to curdle beaten egg in a pan. But if you want to have a fluffy and juicy omelette, follow our advice and add two more ingredients:


  • 2 eggs
  • Milk
  • baking powder
  • Salt

Preparation of traditional French omelette

Follow these steps to make the perfect French omelette in minutes:

  1. Beat the egg whites and put them until stiff.
  2. Then add the yolks, a pinch of salt, a splash of milk and a pinch of yeast.
  3. Keep beating so that the ingredients are integrated.
  4. The pan must be non-stick, this is important, because otherwise we will not be able to make the omelette.
  5. Heat the pan with a drizzle of olive oil (very little) and when it is hot add the egg.
  6. Spread it well all over the pan and wait a couple of minutes. Cook over low heat.
  7. When the egg is set we will turn it over or fold the omelette and form a half moon.
  8. Another couple of minutes and the omelette is ready. If you like toast, turn up the heat at the end so that it browns a little, not while the egg is cooking.
  9. Serve right away and dare with a homemade bread to accompany her. A luxury!

Other French omelette recipes

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