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Tortellini With Walnut Sauce



Tortellini is a type of recipe that has spread throughout the world, since the mixture that is made with the pasta to prepare them is very tasty for the most demanding palates.

With a few simple steps, in the following recipes you will find the best way to prepare them.

tortellini Recipe.


  • ¼ kg. of tortellini.
  • 1 glass of liquid cream.
  • 1 onion.
  • 100 gr. of grated mozzarella cheese.
  • Olive oil.

Tortellini preparation.

The tortellini It is a recipe that is very easy to make for a meal, and you are going to see it with this recipe.

  1. To start the recipe we put a pot on the fire with enough water, where we are going to cook the tortellini. The flavor you want to buy the tortellini from will depend on your personal taste, being able to buy the one you like the most. When you have it chosen, let it cook.
  2. We peel the onion and wash it well in cold water so that our eyes do not water so much. We proceed to cut it into small pieces, or we pass it through the shredder. We put a frying pan with a good jet of oil on the heat, at medium-low power, and fry it until it starts to brown, which will take a couple of minutes.
  3. With the onion already browned, we add the cream to the pan and stir everything, until the cream begins to boil. Then we remove from the heat and season to taste.
  4. We turn on the oven to 200º C so that it preheats.
  5. If the pasta is already ready, strain it, drain it well and put it in a source or oven tray. We cover with the cream that we have prepared with the onion and on top we spread the mozzarella cheese.
  6. You just need to put in the oven for about 10 minutes until the cheese is browned.

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Menus with Tortellini

  1. Margarita, Tortellini, Tabboule and Tiramisu Menu

    • Incoming: Margarita sierra supreme ice cream
    • First course: Tortellini with salmon
    • Second course: Tabboule with prawns
    • Dessert: Traditional tiramisu

    When serving a margarita sierra supreme frozen you will surprise everyone and if not look cocktailmargarita.com that you will find more recipes. That is just starting, as when we move forward we find some tortellini with salmon delicious. Then put on the table tabouleh with prawns to finish this wonderful menu. For dessert you can make a totally homemade and tasty traditional tiramisu recipe

  2. Potatoes, Fajitas, Tortellini and Buttercream Menu

    • Incoming: Spicy potatoes
    • First course: Mexican fajitas
    • Second course: Tortellini with tomato sauce
    • Dessert: Vanilla Buttercream

    We got off to a good start thanks to some homemade patatas bravas, at the level of the best bars in the world. Then with some Mexican fajitas, if you visit comohacerfajitas.com you can have more variety, a little spicy and some tortellini with tomato sauce you will delight consumers. Then you can optionally put vanilla buttercream for dessert.

  3. Gazpacho, Kebab, Tortellini and Cream Menu

    • Incoming: Andalusian gazpacho.
    • First course: Beef kebab
    • Second course: Tortellini with cheese sauce
    • Dessert: Catalan cream

    If it’s summer you can cook this combination of dishes that start with a refreshing Andalusian gazpacho that everyone will like. First we have a beef kebab top quality totally homemade and some tortellini with cheese sauce They complete the central part of the menu. To finish you can serve the Catalan cream famous all over the world

  4. Mojito, Tahini, Tortellini and Milk Menu

    • Incoming: Mojito without alcohol
    • First course: Tahini with aubergines
    • Second course: Tortellini with spinach
    • Dessert: Fried milk without egg

    To make the vermouth you can serve some mojitos without alcohol so as not to make your guests wait. As a first course we have a Tahini Recipe with very tasty and healthy aubergines. Once the appetite is open, it presents the tortellini with spinach and for dessert fried milk without eggs.

  5. Daiquiri, Tortellini, Escudella and Crepes menu

    • Incoming: Strawberry Daiquiri
    • First course: Traditional Tortellini
    • Second course: Escudella Catalana
    • Dessert: Jam crepes

    Before starting with the main dishes you can cheer up the diners with a very refreshing strawberry daiquiri, if you want to learn How To Make Daiquiri We show you many ways to prepare it. The first course is some traditional tortellini Arrived from Italy, then you can try this well-known Catalan escudella, very substantial. To finish you have these sweet jam crepes.

  6. Bread, Quesadilla, Tortellini and Smoothie Menu

    • Incoming: Stuffed French bread
    • First course: Mexican Quesadilla
    • Second course: Tortellini with Bolognese sauce
    • Dessert: Banana smoothie

    Put some stuffed French bread as a starter and your guests will discover a new way to taste bread. Then it serves a Mexican quesadilla that is highly appreciated and consumed in its country of origin. Second we have some tortellini with bolognese sauce of authentic flavor. To finish you can serve a refreshing banana smoothie, we also have plenty of Smoothie Recipes so that each occasion is different.

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