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Recipe of types of wines

Types of wines

types of winesChoose from all types of wine it is more complicated every day, given the vast supply of the market. When deciding on one or the other bottle, it is impossible to know from the label the process that the wine has undergone before it goes on the market.

In the current wine market we can find hundreds of bottles, brands, and wines; but these can be broadly classified into four types of wine:

The vast majority of the wines that we will find on the shelves of a supermarket are those that offer a level minimum of technique in its elaboration. They come from an industrialized production and are sold at low prices. This group represents some three quarters of the world wine market. They are wines that hide behind the brands of the large distribution chains.

The second group is made up of wines made to please a specific public, a demanding consumer, connoisseur of the brand and subject to the rapid changes in fashion. They constitute the first step to quality wines in a general market. They are ephemeral, they come and go according to fashions.

Each wine for its foodThere is a group of wines that could be called ‘traditional’. They are those that are intended for a type of experienced consumer. The bottling is done near the vineyards and wineries in a responsible way and with artisanal care. They are wines of limited productions but affordable to the general public.

Finally, we can find the great wines, those of the highest quality. They are very special wines that are distinguished by being complex and intense in aroma and flavor. In them you can see not only the expression of the strain but also the soil and the harvest. Their production is very limited and they fetch high prices in the market.

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