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Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is a widely consumed beverage in Asia, and over time it has become a very mainstream beverage throughout the world.

The properties and benefits of green tea

Green tea contains 2 calories per 100 gr. consumed, which does not represent even 1% of the amount of daily calories that is recommended for an adult.

  • Vitamins: It is a drink very rich in vitamin C, and you can also find several of the B vitamins, such as vitamin B2, B3 and B6.
  • Minerals: Potassium is the most prominent mineral in this drink, with a lower presence of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese.
  • Carbohydrates: It is very low in carbohydrates.

All these nutritional properties give the following benefits to the body:

  • Reduces the risk of cancer due to the antioxidant properties of this drink and its vitamin C content.
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases because it helps blood circulation to be much better.
  • It slows down the aging process of cells.
  • It does not contain fat and also has a strong satiating effect that will prevent snacking between meals.
  • It has almost no sugar, so it can be consumed by diabetics.
  • Taking it relaxes the nerves and reduces stress or anxiety.
  • Regulates blood pressure due to its high potassium content.
  • Increases the defenses of the immune system.
  • Eliminates bad cholesterol from the blood replacing it with good cholesterol in the blood.
  • The calcium it contains makes the bones stronger, much more thanks to the fact that it also contains phosphorus.
  • It is a drink that helps clear the mind thanks to its phosphorous content. This mineral is essential for the brain to function properly. Thanks to phosphorus, the ability to concentrate and memorize is increased.
  • Some claim that drinking green tea or applying it to stretch marks helps them disappear from the skin.

Green tea contraindications and precautions in its consumption

It is essential to remember and take into account all the green tea contraindications. In the case of uncontrolled intake, you can have health problems and undesirable consequences. Even so, do not worry if you follow all our advice, green tea is totally beneficial.

Myths and truths about green tea

Not everything that is said about green tea is true. Here you can discover all the truths and lies about green tea. After knowing all the properties you will know if consuming this infusion you will get what you wanted or not.

Green tea varieties

Green tea is one of the most consumed infusions in Asia. In the East they have a lot of variants of green tea. Here are some of them:

Chinese tea:

  • Hui Ming Tea: Originally from Zhejiang temple
  • Long Ding Tea: It comes from Kaihua, an ancient city.
  • Hua Ding Tea: Created in Tiantai city thousands of years ago.

Japanese tea:

  • Gyokuro: The leaves grow in the shade before harvest, which achieves a change in aroma and flavor.
  • Matcha: It is a high quality powdered green tea that many will know for being used in Japanese tea ceremonies.
  • Sencha: It is a very common Japanese tea variety, with the leaves always exposed to the sun.

Know all the varieties of green tea.

Other green tea recipes

Cold green tea recipe

Cold green tea recipe

🕒 75m 👤 4

The 💚 cold green tea 💚 is the perfect option for refreshing without consuming calories and providing benefits to your health.Do not miss our recipe!

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Menus with green tea

  1. Gazpacho, Stew, Chicken and Profiteroles Menu

    • Incoming: Andalusian gazpacho
    • First course: Vegetable stew
    • Second course: Chicken with curry sauce
    • Dessert: Profiteroles with chocolate

    To open this menu, we will start with a very rich Andalusian gazpacho. After opening our stomach we will go to the first plate of vegetable stew recipe. It is a very wise choice for those who want a tasty but healthy dish. Along the same lines, we can also opt for some noodles with prawns and soy vegetables. As a main course we will prepare a fantastic chicken with sauce curry that will melt even the most demanding palate. And as the culmination of this meal, the profiteroles with chocolate accompanied by a caipirinha they will not leave anyone indifferent.

  2. Salad, Quinoa, Wok and Croissant Menu

    • Incoming: Russian salad
    • First course: Quinoa with mushrooms
    • Second course: Chicken Wok
    • Dessert: Croissant

    The Russian salad is the starter that we will prepare for this menu. Then we will go to the quinoa with mushrooms, for which we recommend choosing a good variety of mushrooms to fully appreciate this fantastic dish. As the protagonist of this menu we have the chicken wok, a very tasty and easy-to-prepare dish. . And for those who prefer something more exotic, they can try making a chicken couscous. For dessert we recommend a croissant recipe Accompanied by Green Tea, which will go fabulous to make digestion.

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