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Synthetic Cork Stoppers

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Cork stoppers for wines

corksCork stoppers, which are extracted from the cork oak, are the ideal material to cover bottles. Its use is essential in the conservation of wine. Learn more about this revolutionary and simple invention.

Cork has all the qualities necessary to bethe ideal way to cover wine bottles. This is due to its ease of manufacture, moldable according to the dimensions of the neck of the bottle.

The main function of cork is to ensure a perfect tightness to avoid wine leaks that could lead to contamination and the entry of oxygen that could alter the wine.

The elasticity of the cork and its compression when introduced into the bottle exerts the necessary pressure to prevent the escape of the wine and the entry of air or gas exit. In addition, it is characterized by its durability since the cork is unalterable to the compounds of the wine to be practically waterproof.

Cork stoppers are perfect for corking wine bottles, they do not add flavor, they are watertight and easy to produce.

Cork allows the manufacture of stoppers of all shapes and sizes required by the bottler by perfectly adapting to the dimensions of the neck of the bottle.

The cork plate that is extracted from the cork oak It is made up of a series of layers, corresponding to the growth of each year and its quality depends on their homogeneous development.

In Spain, extraction cannot be done before the age of eight, so the cork will have at least eight layers. Therefore, the number of layers that a stopper has will depend on its diameter and thickness.

The climate of each year and the incidents that can affect the normal vegetative development of the plant have an important influence on the normal development of the layers. The damage can be due to the direct action of insects, and even ants or larvae that can excavate galleries.

So that the cork does not spoil over time, it is necessary to prevent it from drying out, placing the bottles horizontally, and keep it at a temperature not exceeding 18ºC, since the more it increases, the sooner the aging processes will accelerate and there will be more evaporation through the plug.


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