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Sobaos Pasiegos


In summer, the smoothie can be one of the most refreshing, nutritious and healthy drinks that we can drink. Prepared based on fruits, it will take us only about five minutes to make it, so do not hesitate to prepare as we describe in the following recipes.

Strawberry smoothie recipe:


  • 1 glass of milk
  • 20 strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 strawberry yogurt.
  • 2 ice cubes.

Strawberry smoothie preparation:

To beat the heat, nothing better than a good glass ofstrawberry smoothie.

  1. We wash the strawberries well, or we have them soaked for half an hour, and we chop them. Put the pieces in the blender glass.
  2. Add the strawberry yogurt, the two tablespoons of sugar and finally the milk. Beat everything for about half a minute, until a smooth cream is formed. You can beat it more until it is to your liking.
  3. We put in a glass and add the ice. We already have this wonderful and refreshing drink.

Other Smoothie Recipes

Mango smoothie recipe

Mango smoothie recipe

🕒 15 m 👤 4

Do you want to prepare a healthy and refreshing drink that you can drink throughout the summer? This mango smoothie will fascinate you 🍈 Ready to try it?

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Fruit smoothie recipe

Fruit smoothie recipe

🕒 15 m 👤 two

With this irresistible 🍇 🍒 fruit smoothie 🍒 🍊 you will get an ideal smoothie for any time of year or time of day! You’ll love it!

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Watermelon smoothie recipe

Watermelon smoothie recipe

🕒 15 m 👤 two

Nothing healthier and more refreshing than a delicious 🍉 WATERMELON SMOOTHIE 🍉 don’t you know how to prepare it? Here we explain it step by step ⬇⬇

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Menus with Smoothie

  1. Roll, Yakisba, Chicken and Smoothie Menu

    • Incoming: Spring Roll
    • First: Yakisba
    • Second: Chicken curry or Rice with Chicken
    • Dessert: Mango smoothie

    This menu is inspired by Asian gastronomy, with a few simple spring rolls as a starter, which you can buy frozen or prepare yourself, second a few noodles yakisoba and second, you can choose a Chicken curry, or a rice with chicken if you do not like curry, we also teach you the steps in how to do it with pollo.com Finally for dessert, we are going to prepare a mango green tea smoothie.

  2. Salad, Pasta, Wok and Smoothie Menu

    • Incoming: Tomato and lettuce salad
    • First: Pasta with carbonara sauce
    • Second: Vegetable Wok
    • Dessert: Smoothie X

    This menu is ideal for lunch, as it is a complete menu, with a rich salad first, very light and tasty. Second a plate of pasta with Carbonara sauce, this dish provides a lot of energy, and finally a vegetable wok, which you can find the recipe in recipeswok, to give a touch of flavor to the food. We can’t forget dessert, a smoodie with red fruits, to aid digestion.

  3. Hummus, Couscous, Ribs and Smoothie Menu

    • Incoming: Hummus
    • Primeri: Couscous
    • Second: Rack of lamb with potatoes
    • Dessert: Kiwi smoothie

    If you want a menu with an oriental touch, this menu with a Moroccan touch is perfect for you. With a simple Hummus Recipe with pita bread first, and a couscous with vegetables second and third, some honey lamb ribs with potatoes, you have a summary of Moroccan gastronomy in 3 simple dishes, and to finish, we will prepare a kiwi smoothie.

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