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Sangria is a type of drink based on different fruits that has become a classic. Being made purely with fruits, it is a fairly healthy and nutrient-rich alcoholic drink. It is not complicated at all to prepare it at home for when we organize a party or are going to have a family meal, in 30 – 40 minutes you will have it ready and prepared. We started!

Sangria recipe


  • 1 liter of red.
  • 2 peaches
  • 1 apple.
  • 1 pear
  • ½ pineapple.
  • 2 lemons.
  • 1 orange
  • 1 glass of cognac.
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Nutmeg.
  • ½ liter of soda.

Preparation of sangria:

Let’s see how to prepare sangria in a homemade way, for a delicious dinner or simply to drink in summer as a refreshment:

  1. In a large container we add the liter of red wine and then we squeeze one of the lemons to remove all the game and we throw it into the wine container, in order to mix it well by stirring it.
  2. The next thing is to cut into pieces, such as wedges, an orange and the other lemon. We put it in the container.
  3. Now we take the apple, the pear and the pineapple and peel them and cut them into small squares that we will add to the container.
  4. In a saucepan we heat a little water in which we will add 4 tablespoons of sugar so that it dissolves. We stir everything well and add to the wine bowl.
  5. It only remains to add the cognac, the nutmeg and we stir everything well so that all the flavors are mixed.
  6. Now it only remains to let it rest for 2 or 3 hours inside the fridge so that the fruits leave all the flavor in the liquid.
  7. When drinking it, we recommend adding ice to the glass with a little soda or soda.

Other recipes from Sangria

Menus with Sangria

  1. Sangria, Potatoes, Sushi and Tarts Menu

    • Drink: Sangria with cava or rum sangria
    • First course: Poor potatoes or tuna patty
    • Second course: Sushi
    • Dessert: Fondant cakes

    You have two options: make one sangria with cava or one sangria with rum, in both cases, it will come with pearls to accompany the Potatoes to the Poor, or one tuna patty recipe, to make way for sushi, we teach you how to prepare it in Sushi web. For dessert, you do have a wide variety to choose from, although we advise you to go for the fondant cakes or one Yogurt Cake Recipe which are very simple to do. Another drink that you should try, which also combines well with many of our dishes is the daiquiri, this has a lot more alcohol, but it is very easy to prepare, visit How To Make Daiquiri, or the bloody mary, two drinks that will not cost you much to prepare if you do not look at their website how to make bloodymary.com

  2. Sangria, Salad, Rice and Flan Menu

    • Drink: Champagne sangria
    • First course: Russian salad
    • Second course: Rice with vegetables
    • Dessert: Egg flan

    Serve the classics spicy potatoes with a Russian salad with tuna to start the meal, accompanied by the tasty champagne sangria, to be enjoyed while taking the Rice with Vegetables Recipe that you have prepared. In the end, serve a egg flan recipe or a roscón de reyes, that even if you are not in full parties where it is prepared, they will never say no. Discover more recipes in roscondereyes.com.es

  3. Sangria, Salad, Rice and Sweet Menu

    • Drink: Orange sangria
    • First course: Caesar salad with béchamel sauce
    • Second course: Baked rice with clams a la marinera
    • Dessert: Quince sweet

    Although it is strange to see, the orange sangria it is very tasty and ideal for family meals. First prepare a Caesar salad bathed in the Bechamel Recipe and then a Baked rice with the Clams a la Marinera Recipe, which will be the dish that captures the most attention, ending with a quince and melon sweet or a little bit of marzipan recipe and use a piña colada with white rum to make a toast.

  4. Sangria, Soup, Couscous and Cake Menu

    • Drink: Sangria with cider
    • First course: Chicken Soup
    • Second course: Couscous with ratatouille
    • Dessert: Chocolate cake

    Accompany with a wonderful chicken sangria a menu of Chicken Soup, couscous with pisto and brownie and zucchini sponge cake, to later have a refreshing Smoothie, and everyone will remember him for how rich he was.

  5. Sangria, Rice, Cod and Milk Menu

    • Drink: White wine sangria
    • First course: Rice three delights
    • Second course: Cod with tomato
    • Dessert: Fried milk

    For a special meal, nothing better than a white wine sangria to accompany a rice three delights and one Cod with Tomato Recipe, unless you choose to do the oxtail recipe with green sauce, that you can even combine it with a delicious pesto sauce, ending with a delicious dessert such as fried milk recipe and then drink a glass of White tea, which is very good after meals.

  6. Sangria, nachos, Paella and Cake Menu

    • Drink: Mexican sangria
    • First course: nachos with guacamole
    • Second course: Paella
    • Dessert: Lemon cake

    Have you ever tried the mexican sangria? Well, it is ideal to accompany the nachos with guacamole, look at the Guacamole Recipe So as not to make mistakes when preparing it, a dish that will leave you enough space to enjoy a delicious paella, as we show you in paella web, or maybe you prefer the classic Baked Lamb. Finally, a Lemon cake soft and light.

  7. Sangria, tapas, Paella and Mousse Menu

    • Drink: Bleeding
    • First course: tapas
    • Second course: Seafood paella
    • Dessert: Lemon mousse

    The Bleeding It is a drink that you will never notice that is left on your table when you make a meal, as the wide variety of tapas what can you put before serving the tasty Seafood Paellas. A Lemon mousse will be the ideal dessert, as well as the Daisy flower the best drink to make a toast.

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