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Red Tea Varieties

Black tea varieties

There are a large number of varieties of black tea that can be consumed worldwide:

Chinese varieties:varieties-of-black-tea

  1. Lapsang souchong: It is a variety found in Fujian Province. It is a tea dried in pine ovens, so its aroma is quite strong.
  2. Keemun:Originally from Anhui, it is one of the most famous small black teas out there.
  3. Dian Hong: Its origin is in Yunnan and it is well known because black tea is malted.
  4. Ying from hong: It is mostly found in the Canton region and is a fairly exclusive variety.

Indian black tea:

  1. Assam: One of the most exclusive varieties out there. It is very strong and malty. If it is too astringent you can add milk.
  2. Darjeeling: It is grown and prepared in the West Bengal region. Its flavor is very strong.
  3. Nilgiri: This is grown in Tamil Nadu in India, and it is one of the tastiest black teas out there.

Other teas:

  1. Vietnamese: As its name suggests, it is cultivated in Vietnam, with a pleasant and sweet aroma but strong flavor. It is a fairly inexpensive variety.
  2. Nepalese: It is grown in the highlands of Nepal and looks a bit like Darjeeling but of poorer quality.
  3. Rize: It is grown in the province of Rize, east of the shores of the Black Sea. It is quite crystalline of a different color.


In some places, black tea is mixed with other plants or foods to obtain different tastes or smells:

  1. Earl Gray: In this case, black tea is mixed with bergamot oil.
  2. USES: In the United States it is common to mix it with citrus fruits such as orange or lemon, although cinnamon is also used.
  3. English Breakfast: In an area like England, where tea is so common, it is mixed with milk and sugar.
  4. Irish Breakfast: Different types of black teas are mixed, especially Assam with other varieties.

You have already seen the great number of varieties that exist of this infusion, now we advise you to take a look at the properties of black tea.

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