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Black tea

Black tea

Black tea is one of the most famous tea varieties in the world. It is known because its aroma is much stronger, contains more caffeine and, unlike other varieties of tea, its duration is much longer.

After the leaves have been harvested, they are withered by air drying. Later it is processed by means of two methods: Crush Tear Curl or the orthodox one. The first method is used for the leaves that have a much lower quality and is the variety of this tea that is usually found in stores. Instead, the orthodox method is done both by machine and by hand, making it a much higher quality tea.

Nutritional properties of black tea

Black tea contains very few calories, it could be said that it contains 3 or 4 calories per 100 gr. that are consumed. This amount would represent less than 1% of the daily recommended amount for an adult person.

  • Vitamins: Although in small quantities, it is a drink that mainly contains vitamin B3.
  • Minerals: The properties of black tea They stand out above all for how rich they are in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, chromium and some sodium.
  • Carbohydrates: It is a very low carbohydrate drink.

Benefits of consuming black tea

Every time you consume black tea, you will help your body with these benefits:

  • Fight free radicals: Free radicals are one of the main responsible for the appearance of cancer in our body. They are found in all foods and when they penetrate our body they destroy our healthy cells. The antioxidant properties of black tea help eliminate them.
  • Slows the aging process: The same antioxidant properties that help scavenge free radicals also help cells stay healthy and age more slowly.
  • Keeps the heart healthy: Thanks to the potassium and magnesium, as well as the antioxidants it contains, gradually drinking black tea helps to keep the heart always healthy and to prevent cardiovascular problems.
  • Helps the intestinal flora: If you suffer from diarrhea or gastritis, this drink is a natural astringent that will help fight intestinal problems.
  • Eliminates excess fluids from the body:It turns out to be a natural diuretic, so the excess fluids that the body is expelled preventing gout or arthritis.
  • Facilitates diets: It is a drink that quenches thirst and hunger, so if you are in the process of dieting, have three cups between each important meal of the day and the desire to snack between meals will disappear quickly.
  • Stimulates the body: Although it contains few calories, black tea is a natural stimulant that will activate the body. Taking it for breakfast ensures that you will be wide awake to carry out daily tasks.
  • Increases brain capacity: Its contribution in phosphorus ensures that the brain will function at full capacity, improving the person’s ability to concentrate and memorize.

How to make black tea


Knowing the properties and benefits of black tea, you can now prepare to make this rich infusion yourself. On this page we show you how to make white tea and the different ways to prepare it.

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Contraindications of black tea

contradictions-of-black-tea-300x200Although black tea provides many beneficial health properties, as with many other foods, its improper use can cause a series of damages, that is why it is important to know thecontradictions of black tea. But don’t worry, by following a series of simple tips, you won’t have to worry about its consumption at all.

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Black tea varieties

There are a large number of varieties of black tea, such as the Chinese varieties
varieties-of-black-tea-300x200that we show you below:

  1. Lapsang souchong: The tea is dried in ovens and has an exquisite flavor, but quite strong.
  2. Keemun: It is one of the best Chinese black teas out there.
  3. Dian Hong: In this case, we are faced with a malted black tea with a unique flavor.
  4. Ying from hong:It turns out to be one of the most exclusive varieties that exist.

If you want to know more benefits about these infusions and know other black tea variants, here you will find all the necessary information.

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Other recipes for black tea

Cold black tea recipe

Cold black tea recipe

🕒 10m 👤 4

Learn how to make the best 🌟 cold black tea at home 🌟 and enjoy the flavor and all the benefits of this low-calorie drink 👌

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Menus with black tea

  1. Soup, Fajitas, Rice and Black Tea Menu

    • Incoming: Fish soup
    • First course: Fajitas with carbonara
    • Second course: Rice with lobster
    • Drink: Black tea

    The fish soup is soft and light, as are the vegetable fajitas, a dish that if you want you can fill with the sauce carbonara to give more flavor to the ingredients of its interior, and then give way to the delicious rice with lobster recipe. All this is good to take with a special drink for the occasion, such as caipirinha. Finally, it’s time to enjoy the dessert, which can be decorated cookies, which you can find countless recipes on their website. recipecookiesdecoradas.com, or some macarons recipe. And after such a tasty meal, a cup of black tea.

  2. Meatballs, Steak, Ribs and Black Tea Menu

    • Incoming: Meatballs
    • First course: Steak tartare or risotto
    • Second course: Baked rib
    • Drink: Black tea

    Nails meatball recipe They are not heavy at all to serve as a starter, on the contrary, it comes in handy because you can make as many as you want so that there is for all your guests. Then a beef steak tartare, unless you consider that it is too much meat and you prefer to make a plate of Risotto. Good main course ribs baked with honey, cooked the way you like them, ending with a pastry cream, which thanks to its website you will know how to make pastry cream, or one chocolate sponge cake recipe and then a great black tea.

  3. Tapas, Beans, Marmitako and Tea Menu

    • Incoming: Tapas
    • First course: Green beans
    • Second course: Marmitako or light dinners
    • Drink: Black tea

    A good assortment of tapas and then some green beans with potatoes well cooked to be eaten alone or served as a garnish next to the marmitako to any plate of light dinners bowl of fresh pineapple that you want to prepare if you are not very hungry, such as an omelette. The black tea It is fine to have it after a meal, but it is always good to have a dessert, such as a pasta frola recipe or some kind of easy cake recipe.

  4. Kimchi, Zucchini, Chicken and Tea Menu

    • Incoming: Kimchi
    • First course: Zucchini stuffed with béchamel sauce
    • Second course: Garlic chicken
    • Drink: Black tea

    After a bit of kimchi recipe and ones Stuffed zucchini with a béchamel recipe with cheese, the fried garlic chicken You will take it with great enthusiasm, since the previous dishes hardly satisfy the appetite. Before you have a cup of black tea, you can have a brownie, to eliminate part of the hunger you have, you can also prepare different recipes thanks to its website brownieweb.com

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