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Recipe of white chocolate cake pops

White chocolate cake pops recipe

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If you like pastries and want to try a new, original and fun dessert, don’t miss this recipe for white chocolate cake pops.

As in other chocolate desserts, including white chocolate is all right. Not only will we get desserts with a smooth and pleasant flavor, but we will also play with colors.

These white chocolate cake pops are always a hit at birthday parties or children’s parties. Serve them with some vanilla muffins or one original birthday cake and it will be a more than successful snack.


  • 1 tablet of chocolate white for desserts
  • 100 gr. of cookies that we like
  • 100 gr. of butter
  • ½ glass of milk
  • Skewer sticks
  • Decoration to our liking

White chocolate cake pops recipe.

  1. We have to crush the cookies until they are made of sand. We can either crush them or crush them with the mortar in a bowl, but they must be turned into powder.
  2. Once this is done, we melt half of the butter and add it to the cookies. We start to mix everything well with our hands until it has the texture of wet sand. Knead well until you get a compact and manageable dough.
  3. Achieved? Well, we are going to take pieces of the dough to give it the shape that we want with our hands. As we get it, we place the figures or balls on a tray, with more or less 1 centimeter of separation between each one.
  4. We put the tray in the fridge for about 45 minutes so that they take on consistency.
  5. Before removing the balls we will prepare the chocolate :. We put the other butter butter that we have left over in a saucepan and wait for it to begin to melt. Then we add the chocolate bar that we will break into pieces and stir everything well until it begins to mix and form a cream.
  6. If it is too thick, add a little milk, but try not to make it too runny.
  7. We take the balls out of the fridge and we are going to start making the white chocolate cake pops: first we soak the tip of one of the sticks in the chocolate and stick it in the ball, trying not to go beyond the middle.
  8. We bathe the ball in the chocolate, with great care so that it does not come loose. Once bathed, and making sure that it does not drip, we stick the stick in a cork or any surface that allows it, but keeps it firm. Repeat the process with all the balls that you have made and let it rest for about five minutes.
  9. Before the chocolate cools down, we can sprinkle them with any topping that we want (grated coconut, grated chocolate, colored balls …)
  10. Then, you just have to put them a while longer in the fridge to cool down and be ready to eat. You can decorate them to taste as well if you wish.

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White Chocolate Cake Pops

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