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Recipe of light seafood paella

Light seafood paella recipe

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The recipe of light seafood paella is a perfect way to cook a delicious low-calorie dish so that you can enjoy all its flavor without having to worry about your physical appearance.

In reality, paella is not a dish with a high caloric content, but if you still want to take the necessary measures so that your body does not notice that you have eaten this dish, opt for brown rice. This type of rice can be used in any type of paella, as in the Meat paella, or in other types of rice recipes, for example, in the Cuba style rice.

On Easyrecipe.top we are going to teach you today how to prepare this dish of light seafood paellaAre you ready to follow the steps carefully? Well let’s go!


Preparation of the light seafood paella

  1. Wash and peel the prawns well, removing the skin and heads. Put the heads in a pot together with the monkfish bone and a generous amount of water and let them cook. Set aside the peeled prawns because we will use them later.
  2. When about five minutes have passed and the water is boiling, add the mussels. Cook everything over medium heat until you see that they are open. Three or four minutes will be enough.
  3. Then strain the broth and save the prawn heads and mussels for later. With the monkfish bone we are finished.
  4. Now put the paella pan on the fire and peel and cut the two garlic cloves. Sauté them well together with the prawn heads.
  5. Take the shrimp heads that you can throw away from the paella pan and wash and cut the peppers. When you have them ready, put them in the paella pan with a little oil until they are golden brown.
  6. Now add the salt, the grated tomato, the paprika, the saffron and the coloring. Move everything with the help of a wooden spoon.
  7. Add the brown rice and give it a couple of turns so that it takes on the flavor of the other ingredients. Next, add the fish stock that you made previously and let the rice cook in the paella pan over medium heat for about twenty minutes.
  8. When there are five minutes left to finish cooking the paella, put the prawns that you peeled before and the mussels in the pan to finish cooking.
  9. When these five minutes have passed, turn off the heat and cover the pan with aluminum foil to finish making your dish. Then you can eat it. You’re going to suck your fingers!

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