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Scrambled eggs with shrimp recipe

Scrambled eggs with prawns recipe

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The scrambled eggs with prawns, just like the scrambled eggs with potatoesThey are a perfect dish for those occasions when you are looking for something quick to prepare but full of flavor. That is why it is ideal to cook them at any time of the year, in addition, as it is a recipe that is not heavy at all, it can be eaten at any meal, even for dinner.

If you love scrambled eggs, this is a recipe that you cannot miss, and although the alternative that we propose only has shrimp and eggs, you can also add some asparagus or mushrooms and vary it to your liking.

The scrambled eggs with prawns They are very easy to prepare and yet they are delicious. Do you dare to do them?


Preparation of scrambled eggs with prawns

  1. The first thing we will do is peel and cut the garlic. They should be cut into sheets of medium thickness because if they are cut very thin they burn immediately, on the other hand if they are very thick they can be toasted on the outside and remain raw on the inside. That is why we will try to give them a suitable thickness.
  2. In a medium-sized pan, and preferably non-stick, heat the oil. We put the garlic and fry them over low heat so that they do not burn. When the garlic has a golden hue, add the prawns.
  3. We begin to sauté the prawns with the garlic, all over medium heat. At the same time that the sauté is made, we will beat the eggs. When the prawns are almost ready, practically done but not quite, we lower the heat to a low heat and add the eggs to the sauté.
  4. We take a little salt, to our liking, and add it. Next, we take a spoon (if it is a wooden one, better), and we are stirring everything little by little, until the eggs are done. We will try to mix the eggs well, so that they have the typical texture of a French omelette, and there is no yolk on one side and the white on the other.
  5. When the eggs are done, it is time to remove the pan from the heat. Let the whole scramble rest for at least a couple of minutes. And our delicious scrambled eggs with prawns are ready!
  6. Although this is the basic recipe, and it is exquisite only with these ingredients, it is a dish to which you can add other elements, for example some asparagus or mushrooms. If we want to do it like this, we just have to add that ingredient after frying the garlic and before adding the prawns.

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