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Recipe of fish and shrimp brochettes

Fish and prawn skewers recipe

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On Easyrecipe.top we explain how to prepare delicious fish and prawn skewers They are to suck your fingers and are an ideal option to enjoy the weekend in the company of friends and family. This dish is very easy to make and in less than 30 minutes you will have a tasty appetizer or a unique dish to eat and have a good time.

If you dare to prepare this recipe, we recommend that you accompany your skewers with some crisps with skin with Aioli sauce, the perfect combination for a complete and irresistible menu

Gather all the ingredients and light the stove: let’s cook these fish and prawn skewers together!


  • 300 gr of Salmon
  • 1 mango
  • 12 prawns
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Sesame or sesame seeds

Preparation of fish and prawn skewers

  1. To prepare these fish and prawn skewers, we recommend that when you go to the fishmonger, ask for the salmon to be filleted, remove the skin and cut it into medium squares, this will help you save time when cooking this recipe.
  2. If you bought fresh prawns instead of precooked prawns, you will need to clean them, remove the shells, and seal them back and forth in a pan with hot oil. Then reserve.
  3. To start preparing your skewers, season the salmon pieces and reserve. Next, remove the skin from the mango and cut the pulp into medium squares, the same size as the pieces of fish, preferably. Reservation.
  4. Begin to assemble your skewers by inserting a piece of fish, another of mango and a prawn into a wooden toothpick. Repeat the procedure until the toothpick is full. Shape all the skewers until the ingredients are finished.
  5. When the skewers are assembled, cook them for 15 minutes on the grill or on a grill. Remember to turn the skewer during the cooking time so that it cooks on all sides.
  6. After time your fish and prawn skewers will be ready. Place them on a tray and drizzle a little teriyaki sauce over them to taste. Bon appetit!

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