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Recipe of duck magret with red fruits sauce

Duck breast recipe with red fruit sauce

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The Duck breast with red fruit sauce It is a classic of French gastronomy that today can be enjoyed all over the world. This bird is simply exquisite, combining perfectly with a more unctuous garnish such as creamy mashed potatoes.

Duck breast is an excellent alternative for any meal or special occasion, especially when the goal is to surprise with a more refined cuisine. And by following these simple steps you will learn with Easyrecipe.top how easy it is to make this dish at home.

Ready to make a scrumptious duck breast with red berry sauce?


For the breast:

  • 500 gr. of magret
  • 200 gr. from mushrooms
  • 4 potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 glasses of milk
  • Olive oil

For the red fruit sauce:

  • 200 gr. blackberries
  • 200 gr. strawberries
  • 200 gr. blueberry
  • 200 gr. gooseberries
  • 3 spoonfuls of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • ½ glass of red fruit juice
  • 1 glass of brandy
  • 1 tablespoon of coarse salt

Preparation of duck breast with red fruit sauce

  1. To make this delicious duck breast with red fruit sauce, start by peeling the potatoes and washing them, then cut them into wedges and cook them in a saucepan with plenty of water.
  2. On the other hand, after having cleaned the earth mushrooms well, cut them into strips and fry them in a pan over low heat with a little oil.
  3. While all this is done, go preparing the sauce. To do this, chop the largest red fruits, such as strawberries and blueberries, then put them in another pan with a little oil to heat them over low heat, stirring with a spoon so that they do not stick.
  4. Once it is hot, gradually add the red fruit juice in tablespoons. Stir for 5 minutes without stopping while the preparation cooks over low heat.
  5. Increase the heat power to medium and pour the brandy little by little while stirring the ingredients. Keep an eye on the fire so that the brandy is not consumed.
  6. When it begins to boil, lower the heat and sprinkle with the coarse salt and sugar. Stir and spread the flour, continue stirring until it becomes a consistent sauce. Once done, put it in a sauce boat and reserve.
  7. Now you have to prepare the duck breast, for which you are going to make a few small incisions with a very sharp knife so that it is done well on the inside. Heat oil in a pan and fry the breast on both sides until golden brown, remove from heat and reserve.
  8. When the potatoes are ready, drain them. Crush them and put them, along with the butter, in the same saucepan where you cooked them, stirring until everything is melted. Then add the milk little by little while stirring until it forms a smooth and creamy puree.
  9. To serve, place a breast fillet, a portion of mashed potatoes, a bit of mushrooms on a plate and bathe them all with the sauce. Your plate of duck breast with red fruit sauce is now ready to be enjoyed. Enjoy your meal!

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