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Recipe of dates with bacon and cheese

Bacon and cheese dates recipe

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There are some dishes that do not have to be excessively expensive to serve at family meals, such as simple ones dates with bacon and cheese. Don’t you know how to prepare them? Calm down, because Easyrecipe.top It will help you make them the best starter for your family.

Dates with bacon and cheese have an exotic flavor that will surprise you. We tell you different ways to prepare them. Here we go!


Preparation of dates with bacon and cheese

  1. First of all, make sure that the dates are of good quality, because this way we will ensure that this appetizer is not limited by the flavor of the bacon and the cheese. Pit all the dates by slitting them lengthwise without actually splitting them.
  2. When you have all the dates ready, grate the goat cheese (you can use any other cheese that you like better), and then crush it, trying to make it like a powder. This will make it easier for you to fill the dates. You will have to fill each date with a little pressure with your fingers, but with great care that it does not break.
  3. Then cut each strip of bacon in two and wrap each date with one. If you see that it does not remain in the shape of a roll, use a toothpick to apply pressure and thus remain rolled.
  4. Another option is to wrap it with a string, more recommended when cooking them so that they do not come apart.
  5. Heat a drizzle of olive oil and fry the dates on all four sides three at a time. If the oil is consumed, add another stream. As the bacon and cheese will release juice, you should not need more oil. It is better to cook it with little oil, because that way you get a better flavor.
  6. If you prefer to prepare them in the oven, you will have to program it at 185º C to bake for approximately 7 minutes, having painted each bacon and cheese date with a little olive oil. Do not have them more than that time or they will burn.

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