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Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

If we want to prepare a dessert that with just a small ball we feel a delicious flavor on our palate and that is difficult to describe, without a doubt, chocolate truffles can be a great choice. Despite its small size, a single ball will make us feel the delights of chocolate on our palate.

With some simple recipes, let’s see how we can prepare this delicacy:

Chocolate Truffles Recipe


  • 125 gr. of dark chocolate.
  • 250 ml. of liquid cream.
  • 10 gr. of butter.
  • Brandy.
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder.
  • Chocolate noodles.

Preparation of chocolate truffles:

Perhaps the biggest problem with preparing chocolate truffles is that you have to let the mixture rest for 24 hours, but if we think about the final result it is really worth the wait. In addition, the preparation is very simple as you will see below:

  1. First of all in a saucepan we are going to heat 10 gr. of butter. When it begins to melt, we will add 125 gr. of dark chocolate, which is chopped or in chips and we let it begin to melt.
  2. While in a separate wedge we begin to heat 250 ml. cream. Once it has started to boil, we let it cool down.
  3. When the chocolate is melting, we stir it so that it mixes with the butter. Do not stop until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  4. If the cream has already cooled down, add it to the saucepan with the chocolate and stir everything well. Now we will pour a splash of brandy, to the taste of each one, and stir everything well again until we get a good dough.
  5. We will have to let said dough cool at room temperature for 24 hours. In other cases, some rush the process by putting the mixture in the fridge for about 3 or 4 hours, but it is better to let it sit at room temperature.
  6. As 24 hours have passed, we will use two teaspoons to take the dough. After having cleaned our hands well, we will make small balls with the chocolate mass and we will place them on a plate.
  7. Now all we have to do is cover them with chocolate noodles and sprinkle cocoa powder (placing about 3 tablespoons in a colander should suffice) over the small balls. You can put more quantity if you like it better.
  8. And in this way the chocolate truffles are ready to eat.

Other recipes for Chocolate Truffles

Menus with Chocolate Truffles

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    • First course: Turkey salad with Actimel
    • Second course: Tuna lasagne
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles
    • Drink: Daiquiri

    Everyone knows that moderate alcohol consumption is recommended, but one day is one day and today we propose a daiquiri to accompany the delicious turkey salad that you can find on the actimel recipes website and a generous portion of tuna lasagna that we propose as a second course. Exquisite truffles for dessert of chocolate.

  2. Cake, Couscous, Kebab and Truffle Menu

    • Incoming: Meatloaf
    • First course: Couscous
    • Second course: Kebab
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles with liqueur

    A Meatloaf It is enough for several servings, and if you have any left over you can save it for another time, couscous. As a second course, choose what most convinces you: the kebab or one Beef Stew Recipe, and then finish with some chocolate truffles with liqueur.

  3. Potatoes, Taboule, Cod and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Potatoes to the poor
    • First course: Tabulate
    • Second course: Cod Biscayne
    • Dessert: White Chocolate Truffles

    The Potatoes to the Poor You will understand the meaning of its name once you taste them, but not because they are bad, since they are quite tasty. The tabular recipe It is a dish that can be cooked in various ways, and all of them are perfect to accompany the cod biscayne. The White Chocolate Truffles they like the sweetest ones, but for something more acid and soft you have the lemon pie with chocolate. The Pina Colada It is a perfect drink if you have to make a toast, which can also be served in a very original way.

  4. Empanada, Tripe, Stew and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Tuna pie
    • First course: Madrid-style tripe
    • Second course: Stew
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles with cream

    Serves one tuna empanada recipe well chopped so that your guests can take a piece without problems and then a few Madrid-style tripe recipe. It is then the turn of the plate of stew or one Pasta salad very fresh, before having a dessert also quite fresh as the chocolate truffles with cream or one Apple pie.

  5. tapas Menu, Zucchini, Escalope and Truffles

    • Incoming: tapas
    • First course: Stuffed courgettes
    • Second course: Escalope
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles or yogurt cake

    The tapas They are an ideal starter because they are made in a short time and you can prepare many varieties. The zucchini stuffed with chicken will help fill your stomach, but not so much that you don’t enjoy a plate of escalope a la romana. The chocolate truffles you still don’t like them and they seem heavy to you, so why not something as light as a Yogurt Cake Recipe?

  6. Menu of Nachos, Old Clothes, Rice and Truffles

    • Incoming: nachos
    • First course: Old clothes
    • Second course: Rice with vegetables
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles with almonds

    The good thing about nachos is that if they are served as a starter they serve as a snack in what the other dishes on the menu are made, visit their website Nachos Recipe to prepare different varieties, in this case the old clothes recipe and a plate of Rice with vegetables served along with a glass of caipirinha. The chocolate truffles with almonds you will like them, especially if you like crunchy sweets.

  7. Salad, Eggplant, Chicken and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Caesar salad
    • First course: Stuffed Eggplant
    • Second course: Chicken to the beer
    • Dessert: White Chocolate Truffles

    The Caesar salad recipe It can be eaten alone, but if you are preparing food for several people, it comes in handy as a starter. As well as the Stuffed Eggplant They can be taken alone, they also serve to accompany a delicious Chicken to the beer. And how about working on a dessert you’ve never made? Well, follow the recipe of the White Chocolate Truffles or that of the cupcakes, and once you try them, you will understand why they are so famous.

  8. Salads, Wok, Rice and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Salads
    • First course: Wok with green beans
    • Second course: Rice with lobster and aioli
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles with coffee

    Have you never made a Salads? Don’t worry, they are known for how easy they are to prepare, as well as a plate of wok to which you can add one green beans recipe. If you do rice with lobster recipe, you will appreciate accompanying it with alioli with almonds. The bitter taste of chocolate truffles with coffee not everyone likes it, so to do something different, you can make a carrot cake, an unusual dessert that is common to see at certain parties, and with our recipe of How to Make Carrot Cake You can guide yourself step by step along the long way to reach perfection with this sweet.

  9. Salad, hummus, Spaghetti and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Rice salad
    • First course: hummus
    • Second course: Spaghetti carbonara
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles with liqueur

    Believe it or not, the rice salad serves as well as a starter as any type of salad, and the hummus to whet your appetite too. The spaghetti carbonara with minced meat they do not always feel like it, since pasta is very filling, so you still choose to have something like baked golden recipe. If you want to taste a good dessert, then try the chocolate truffles with liqueur or some delicious donuts as shown in the Buñuelos Recipe

  10. Gazpacho, Rice, Dorada and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Gazpachos
    • First course: White rice
    • Second course: Gilthead with salt
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles with cream

    The Gazpacho It cools or heats up based on the type you prepare and in the season you are in, but it also whets your appetite. It is possible that the white rice with raisins you see it bland to eat alone, so why not use it to accompany the golden salt recipe? If the chocolate truffles with cream they don’t convince you much, maybe they will Lemon Mousse Recipe or the Cake Pops.

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