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Red tea

Little by little, red tea is gaining a niche in the world of teas. It is not as famous with the acclaimed green tea, nor like its older brothers white tea and black tea, but little by little it is making a small hole.

Nutritional properties and benefits of red tea

For every 100 gr. that you drink red tea that you drink, your body receives 3 calories, which does not represent even 1% of the amount of calories that a person needs.

  • Vitamin: It is a drink very rich in vitamin C, and with less presence of vitamins of group B and vitamin D.
  • Minerals: Potassium stands out above all minerals, with some magnesium, iodine, zinc and fluorine.
  • Carbohydrates: There are very few carbohydrates it contains but it is very rich in fiber.

Benefits you can obtain by consuming it

  • Thanks to its high fiber content, it makes digestion much better, so if you suffer from indigestion, have a cup and you will feel better right away.
  • It helps to separate fats from the body, thus making the gallbladder work better and preventing the appearance of gallstones.
  • Due to its high content of vitamin C, it helps cells to regenerate and the destroyed ones to be replaced by new ones.
  • Eliminates all harmful waste and toxins found in the body, which helps to keep the liver clean.
  • Having a cup of red tea for a while before exercising helps to eliminate calories more quickly.
  • Avoid fluid retention in the body, as it is a natural diuretic.
  • It is good for diets, as it helps to eliminate fat and burn calories more quickly.
  • It gives energy to the body, making one feel more active due to its stimulating abilities.
  • It is very sanciating, so it can be taken between meals to avoid picking at junk food.
  • It is quite relaxing, so it helps to sleep.
  • It can be applied on burns to reduce itching and heal the affected area more quickly.

Contraindications of red teacontraindications-of-red-tea-300x169

You have to be careful with the consumption of red tea since in large quantities it can cause some digestive imbalance. In addition there are many other things to take into account with its consumption.

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Truths about red teatruths-of-red-tea-300x225

Not always what you see about this infusion is true. Luckily we have done an exhaustive study on the properties and benefits of red tea. These are the conclusions we have drawn:

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Red tea variationsvarieties-of-red-tea-300x185

There are many variations of red tea. We bring you the ones that we consider the best and also some tips for mixing with other types of ingredients, which will give this infusion a touch of flavor. This is just an example:

Pu-erh: It is originally from China. An ancient infusion which has been used for its many properties and is highly valued for its strange fermentation process.

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Other red tea recipes

Red tea with lemon recipe

Red tea with lemon recipe

🕒 15 m

This is how the best red lemon tea is made👆 Take note of the step by step and enjoy this beneficial drink at home whenever you want!

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Menus with red tea

  1. Hummus, Fajitas, Rice and Churros Menu

    • Incoming: Hummus
    • First course: Fajitas
    • Second course: Chicken rice
    • Dessert: Churros
    • Drink: Red tea

    Nothing better than a little hummus, you can find different recipes in hummusweb Before eating some fajitas, if you don’t know, we’ll teach you how to how to make fajitas with a few very simple steps. And since both dishes will seem very soft, then you will attack the chicken rice with more enthusiasm, you can follow these steps how to make rice with chicken to make them the easiest way. If you don’t fancy churros, you can find different recipes at recipechurros.net, have a cup of Red tea to remove all worries from your body.

  2. Cream, Quinoa, Chicken and Lemon Pie Menu

    • Incoming: Catalan cream
    • First course: Quinoa with green sauce
    • Second course: Chicken curry
    • Dessert: lemon pie

    A Catalan cream and then a bit of quinoa recipe bathed in green sauce recipe to accompany the Chicken curry. Some delicious dishes before having a delicious one classic lemon pie. After all this, surely a Red tea It will help you relax and release many tensions from your body.

  3. Salad Menu, Kimchi, Pasta Salad and Tea

    • Incoming: Russian salad
    • First course: Kimchi
    • Second course: Pasta salad with carbonara sauce
    • Beverages: Red tea

    A delicious Russian salad, a bit of kimchi recipe and a main course pasta salad covered with Carbonara sauce, remembering that in summer it can be very refreshing. Then a Red tea to help your body provide plenty of nutrients to keep it healthy and strong.

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