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Recipe of Galician stew with puff pastry

Galician stew recipe thermomix

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Who said that traditional dishes can only be made in a traditional way? If you have a food processor at home, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a tasty Galician stew thermomix. In just a little while you will have on your table a broth to lick your fingers. On Easyrecipe.top We explain all the steps, take note and do not lose detail!

Once you try this dish, you will realize how easy it is to make spoon dishes with your robot. Also dare to make some exquisite thermomix stewed chickpeas and you will see how this winter you will enjoy good cuisine! So ready to prepare a Galician stew thermomix sublime? Well come on, let’s get to it!


  • 1 cup of white beans
  • 100 gr. chorizo
  • 130 gr. of lacón
  • 1 piece of oil
  • 300 gr. of turnip greens
  • 500 gr. from potatoes
  • 1 l. of water
  • Ground black pepper
  • Salt

Preparation of the Galician stew thermomix

  1. The night before preparing this Galician stew thermomix you must soak the beans in a container with water. The next day, start by pouring the water into the glass of your food processor and also add the beans, the oil and the ham.
  2. Cover the glass of the thermomix, place the beaker so that the steam does not escape and program fifteen minutes, varoma temperature, spoon speed and turn the other way around so that the beans do not split.
  3. During this time you can take the opportunity to peel and wash the potatoes. As soon as you have them, cut them into squares. Wash and chop the turnip tops as well and leave both ingredients reserved until the end of the program.
  4. Once the indicated time has elapsed, uncover the glass of your thermomix and add the turnip greens already chopped, the chorizo ​​cut into pieces and the potatoes. Put the lid back on the glass and put the cup back on.
  5. Program again, this time thirty minutes at 100ºC and spoon speed with reverse rotation, so the broth will be made little by little and the flavors of its ingredients will be completely mixed.
  6. Once the previous program is finished, taste the broth and add a little salt and ground black pepper to your liking. Clever! Now you can set aside and serve this Galician stew made with your thermomix. Once again this great kitchen robot allows us to enjoy an exquisite dish without any complications. And now, enjoy it!

Tips and Recommendations

  • The beans should be soaked if they are dry, if they are fresh it is not necessary. You can also use already cooked beans and in that case you will have to incorporate them at the end of the broth cooking.

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