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Fondant cake with mice recipe

Fondant cake recipe with mice

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Do you want to surprise or make a joke? We have the solution, we help you prepare one fondant cake with mice.


  • 1 cake

For the fondant:

  • 210 gr. of white clouds
  • 410 gr. icing sugar
  • Water
  • Yellow dye

For mice:

  • 115 gr. from almonds
  • 115 gr. icing sugar
  • ½ clear of egg
  • Noodles chocolate
  • Black and brown food coloring
  • Lemon

Fondant cake recipe with mice

  1. Let’s get the fondant. To do this, chop up the white clouds and moisten them a little in water. When they are very soft, you put them in the microwave and you give them sessions of about 30 seconds, until they are completely melted.
  2. Then you put the sugar on top and add the dough. Mix well, using your hands, until you get a mixture that is sticky and that it is hard to detach from it. If you have a hard time kneading it, use butter on your hands or on the rolling pin.
  3. Once ready, you color it with yellow food coloring so that it resembles a cheese and you can make some holes in it if you want. Place this yellow fondant on the cake that you have prepared and press to join it well. Cut up the excess that you can use to make a cheese shape on top.
  4. It is the turn to make the mice. To do this, you are going to grind the almond, until it looks like powder and mix it with the sugar and the grated skin of the lemon. Add the half egg white and mix with the mixer, on low power.
  5. It will result in a dough, which you have to divide into three parts, a large one, a smaller one and a medium part. The small part is mixed with the black food coloring and the middle part with the brown food coloring.
  6. With the large part you will be making balls that resemble the body of the mouse. With the mouse part you crush it and make the ears of the little mouse and its tails. With the black part you make the eyes.
  7. Join all the parts, until you have as many mice as you want and distribute them on the cake as you want to put them.
  8. And walá, the mice will accompany you on your cake.

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