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Recipe of chickpea stew from Extremadura

Extremadura chickpea stew recipe

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Today we bring you an ideal recipe for those days when the cold creeps in everywhere; the Extremadura chickpea stew, a dish thanks to which you will warm up in no time. This stew is quite elaborate but it is worth preparing it and dedicating time and care to it because it is so delicious and complete that it is irresistible. It is an ideal recipe to enjoy with the family!

If you dare to try Extremadura stew, you can try other typical dishes of the region such as Extremadura stew or the Extremadura gazpacho. You are going to love both dishes!

Wait no more, gather the ingredients and follow the step by step that we offer below in Easyrecipe.top! No one is going to resist this Extremadura chickpea stew!


  • 500 gr. from chickpeas
  • two potatoes
  • 2 Iberian ham bone
  • 200 gr. Iberian ham
  • 400 gr. veal black pudding
  • 2 sausages
  • 1 cane bone
  • 150 gr. bacon
  • 1/2 chicken
  • Salt

Preparation of the Extremadura chickpea stew

  1. The preparation of this Extremadura chickpea stew begins the night before since you have to soak the chickpeas in a bowl with warm water, a tablespoon of sea salt and a pinch of bicarbonate overnight. The next morning you just have to drain them and run them through water.
  2. Now fill a large pot with water and put all the bones and meats, except the sausages. Also add a little salt and let everything cook for 15 minutes with the lid on to further concentrate the flavors and aromas.
  3. When 15 minutes have passed and the water is boiling, add the chickpeas. Let it cook with the pot uncovered until the water boils and, as soon as it does and the foam begins to appear, you will have to remove it. Then lower the heat and let the preparation cook for 3 hours.
  4. While the stew is preparing, sauté the chorizos in a pan with hot oil for five minutes and when they are fully cooked, remove them and cut them into slices. Also take the opportunity to peel, wash and cut the potatoes into 2-centimeter thick slices.
  5. When the stew has been cooking for 2 and a half hours, put the potatoes in the pot and, after 30 minutes, the Extremadura chickpea stew will be ready. Turn off the heat and serve all the stew meats on a tray along with the chorizos.
  6. In another tray, add the potatoes and chickpeas and the stew broth should be served in a tureen. Place the meat tray, the vegetable tray and the tureen on the table so that each guest can serve themselves the amount they want of each of the components of this delicious Extremadura chickpea stew. To eat!

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