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Epiphany Cake

Old clothes

Old clothes

The dish so known as old clothes is what is prepared with the leftovers of the stew or the stew that you have prepared. Although the title of old clothes is carried by all the foods that use foods left from other dishes.

Murcian old clothes recipe


  • Remains of the stew (chickpeas, meat …)
  • 2 bunches of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt.

Preparation of old Murcian clothes

Preparing a dish of old clothes in the Murcian style is something very simple to do, just use the leftovers from the stew.

Heat a good drizzle of olive oil in a skillet. While it is heating up, peel and chop the garlic well chopped.

Add the garlic to the oil and fry well, until they are completely golden.

The garlic is golden and brown, add the leftover stew, season to your liking and stir from time to time so that it does not stick and that it is done well.

It is a dish that you can have hot or cold, as you prefer.

Other old clothes recipes

Menus with old clothes

  1. Fondue menu, Old clothes, Couscous, Sponge cake

    • Incoming: fondue
    • First course: Murcian old clothes
    • Second course: Couscous with pesto
    • Dessert: Lemon sponge cake with cream

    The fondue It comes perfect as a starter, because it is something very quick to make. As a first course, use the remains of the stew you made to prepare the authentic old murcian clothes and serve it on the same plate as the couscous, accompanied with a little pesto sauce to improve its flavor. For dessert, a lemon sponge cake recipe, which you can fill with pastry cream, also if you do not know how to make it you can visit how to make pastry cream . And at no time do you hesitate to enjoy the food while you have a delicious glass of bloody mary.

  2. Bread menu, Salmorejo, Old clothes, Sponge cake

    • Incoming: Homemade bread
    • First course: Salmorejo
    • Second course: Old pouty clothes
    • Dessert: Sponge cake with caramelized onion

    A homemade bread, freshly made, it will come in handy to take the salmorejo, in which you have more varieties in salmorejo recipe. And for the main course, a plate of old pouty clothes or make a typical Japanese dish with the noodles yakisoba. For dessert, a Biscuit, the type that you like the most, you can cover it with the crunchy one caramelized onion recipe. And as a toast, you can use a Pina Colada, which is very striking.

  3. Old clothes menu, Enchilada, Light dinners, Churros

    • Incoming: Chickpea old clothes
    • First course: Enchilada
    • Second course: Light dinners
    • Dessert: Churros

    Make a quick dinner by serving one chickpea old clothes as a starter, distributing it among the family using the remains of the stew you made the other day, then a enchilada per person along with some kind of light dinner, so you won’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And if you want to get warm, then do some Churros to bathe them in hot chocolate or have a glass of Daisy flower to enjoy its flavor and its nutritional properties.

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