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Christmas Soup

Seafood soup

Seafood soup

Seafood soup is one of the most popular recipes in Spanish gastronomy, prepared with seafood to give it a unique and incredible flavor, ideal for times when it is very cold.

In the following recipes you will find the help to prepare this delicious dish step by step and make it come out like a real chef.

Seafood soup recipe


  • 1 hake
  • 1 kg. clam
  • 1 kg. shrimp
  • 1 kg. mussels
  • 500 gr. monkfish tail
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • White wine
  • Pepper
  • 25 gr. chilli peppers

Seafood soup preparation

With this recipe you can prepare the traditional seafood soup without any problem, and you will see how delicious it comes out.

  1. To begin with, you have to cook the monkfish and hake in water. Let them cook for a quarter of an hour, maximum about twenty minutes. So now you can clean and shred them. The water in which you have cooked everything will have turned into a broth that you better save for later.
  2. In separate saucepans, cook the clams, prawns and mussels. Also reserve the broth for each of these ingredients. Remove the skin from the prawns and the mussels the shell, because thanks to the heat of the water they will have opened.
  3. Put a pot on the heat, on low power, and pour the fish broth that you reserved in the first place. Add the hake and the monkfish, which you already have to have shredded, as well as the prawns, clams and mussels with the other broths that you have reserved. Go around the mixture to mix the ingredients well.
  4. While the mixture is gathering consistency, peel and chop the onion to fry it in a very minced pan, as well as the garlic cloves, also cut into small pieces. When it’s all golden brown, add a good splash of white wine.
  5. With the wine already golden, remove from the heat and pour the mixture into the pot with the rest of the ingredients and stir well.

Finally, you just have to add paprika to your personal taste, about 20 – 25 gr. chilli peppers, stir well and cook for another five minutes. And ready to eat.

Other Seafood Soup recipes

Seafood Soup Menus

  1. Soup, Empanada, Fajitas and Tea Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup thermomix
    • First course: Tuna pie
    • Second course: Fajitas
    • Drink: White tea

    You do not have to heat your head a lot to prepare a menu, because you can make a very quick seafood soup thermomix input, with a tuna patty with egg as a first course to later serve some fajitas, so as not to have any failure we teach you how to how to make fajitas in less than 5 min, and a delicious White tea in the end it provides various nutrients and benefits for the body.

  2. Soup, Meatballs, Lamb and Sweet Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup with cream
    • First course: Meatballs
    • Second course: Baked lamb
    • Dessert: Quince sweet

    A sweet seafood soup with cream will help you enjoy the Meatballs in sauce and after a baked lamb recipe, because it will be a fairly light dish that is why it is ideal to serve as a starter, and then a little quince jelly with walnuts it will help digestion to be better.

  3. Soup, Tahini, Burrito and Rice Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood and fish soup
    • First course: Tahini
    • Second course: Burrito
    • Dessert: Rice pudding

    The combination of flavors of seafood soup and fish you will love it, as much as the honey tahini recipe with a burrito recipe and for dessert a soft and delicious rice pudding and honey.

  4. Soup, Fish Soup, Hake and Fritters Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup with rice
    • First course: Fish soup
    • Second course: Baked hake
    • Dessert: fritters

    When there are meals there is no need to overheat your head, since you can prepare a wonderful seafood soup with rice for a starter or serve a fish soup recipe for those who prefer it, or cook both together and serve them in a single bowl, so that later everyone can enjoy their hake baked with eels as a main course of food, not to mention the donuts recipe for dessert.

  5. Soup, Mayonnaise, Broccoli and Ratatouille Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup and potatoes
    • First course: Mayonnaise
    • Second course: Broccoli
    • Dessert: Ratatouille

    Although it seems very heavy, in reality a bowl of seafood soup with potatoes It will barely fill you up, but if you are on a diet and want a menu that helps you quench your hunger and not gain weight, second add a little mayonnaise, take a look at how to make mayonnaise to get a delicious taste, with the broccoli recipe And a little ratatouille with meat and you will not recover a single lost kilogram.

  6. Soup Menu, Bechamel, Peppers, Macarons

    • Incoming: Seafood soup
    • First course: bechamel
    • Second course: Stuffed peppers
    • Dessert: macarons

    Nothing better than a good seafood soup to warm up, not to mention a bechamel with spinach with stuffed peppers recipe to enjoy one of the best combinations in the world. And the dessert? Well, some great macarons, which you will rarely have at home, that’s why we show you all the possible recipes in our section with macaron recipes.

  7. Soup, Chimichurri, Lasagna and Puff Pastry Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup thermomix
    • First course: chimichurri
    • Second course: Lasagna
    • Dessert: Puff pastry

    Using the apparatus, the seafood soup thermomixIt will be prepared quickly, being able to worry about doing other more laborious ones such as the Uruguayan chimichurri, the lasagna recipe or the puff pastry to serve in the meal and as we know that it is a bit difficult to prepare we will show you how to make puff pastry with a few very simple steps.

  8. Soup, Ceviche, Dorada and Marzipan Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood and fish soup
    • First course: Ceviche
    • Second course: Gilthead with salt
    • Dessert: Marzipan

    Curious is the combination of ingredients in the seafood and fish soup, but not everyone likes it, so in that case they can go straight to the ceviche recipe before taking the browned with salt. They are all very light dishes, despite their great flavor, so the dessert has to be something strong, like a little chocolate marzipan.

  9. Soup, Salad, Chicken and Cake Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup with cream
    • First course: Russian salad
    • Second course: Grilled chicken
    • Dessert: Apple pie

    Have you ever tried one seafood soup with cream? Well, it comes very well as a starter, since it will be quite light, so much so that you will hardly notice that you have eaten anything when you savor the Russian salad with tuna accompanying a portion of roast chicken recipe and you end up with a apple pie recipe.

  10. Soup, Alioli, Milanesa and Tarts Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup with rice
    • First course: Aioli
    • Second course: breaded
    • Dessert: Fondant cakes

    To accompany a seafood soup with rice nothing better than a little aioli recipe covering the aubergine milanesa, it will be the perfect dish for any meal and you will still be hungry enough to enjoy a fondant cake recipe.

  11. Soup, Couscous, Chicken and Buttercream Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup with potatoes
    • First course: Couscous
    • Second course: Garlic chicken
    • Dessert: Buttercream

    A bit of seafood soup with potatoes comes in handy to whet your appetite and thus enjoy a plate of cous cous a little bit of garlic chicken recipe and then a tasty buttercream, that if you don’t know how to prepare it, don’t worry because we teach you how to how to make buttercream In a super simple way, you are in summer, serving it cold will quickly make you forget about the heat.

  12. Soup, Hummus, Rabbit and Croissant Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup
    • First course: Hummus
    • Second course: Rabbit with garlic
    • Dessert: Croissant

    A seafood soup Not only is it good to warm up, but it is also an ideal starter because of how light it is, as well as the hummus with ground beef, leaving enough space for the rabbit recipe with garlic do not make you heavy and then savor some delicious homemade croissants as we show you in croissant recipe, if you want to surprise, a roscón de reyes that are never left on the table even if you are not at parties.

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