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There are many sauces that are prepared to accompany the different dishes of Spanish gastronomy. In this article we will talk about the vinaigrette as well as its different recipes.

Being a sauce that can be combined with meat, fish or vegetables, it gives them a touch of different flavor and pleasant for the palate, so do not hesitate to prepare it if you have the occasion by following the simple steps that we will indicate below.

Vinaigrette recipe


  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  • 1 teaspoon of salt.
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper.
  • 4 cloves of garlic

Preparation of vinaigrette.

Thanks to the vinaigrette you can make your dishes taste even better.

  1. We start the recipe by taking the garlic cloves to peel and cut them into the smallest possible pieces. We are going to chop the parsley well so that it is as chopped as possible, just like the chives.
  2. We put everything chopped in a bowl, with the tablespoons of oil, vinegar, a pinch of salt and black pepper. With a teaspoon we are going to stir everything well until the ingredients have been mixed into one. You can use some electric rods if you prefer.
  3. Once the ingredients have been mixed, you have it ready to use.

A curiosity about this sauce is that in the fridge it can last several days without problems.

Other Vinaigrette recipes

Menus with Vinaigrette

  1. Tea, Dinner, Chicken and Roscón Menu

    • Drink: Red tea
    • First course: Light dinners
    • Second course: Chicken stuffed with orange vinaigrette
    • Dessert: Roscón de reyes with pastry cream

    Before you start eating, about half an hour before, have a cup of Red tea, which will allow you to better absorb the nutrients from the food you are going to eat. First prepare a plate of light dinners, their name clearly defines how they are, and that they can also come in handy to accompany the great Stuffed Chicken Recipe with a vinaigrette of Orange bathing it and enjoying it taking a bloody mary prepared by yourself following the steps on the page how to dobloodymary.com. For a less laborious dish you can always choose to make your favorite homemade pizza, and if this is the first time you are going to make it, we will explain you step by step How To Make Pizza with a wide variety of recipes for you to make the one you like the most. For dessert, you can prepare a roscón de reyes filled with pastry cream, as you will need pastry cream to be able to make the filling or top decoration, do not hesitate to visit our section dedicated to How To Make Pastry Cream to learn all its secrets and the best way to prepare it or if you fancy a soft egg custard.

  2. Squid, Fabada, Cod and Cake Menu

    • Incoming: Squid in ink
    • First course: Asturian bean stew
    • Second course: Cod pilpil with honey vinaigrette
    • Dessert: Tarte Tatin

    Do you have food to prepare for several people and little time to cook? Well, prepare quick-to-make dishes, such as squid in its ink with french fries for a spectacular starter, then offer a bowl of Asturian bean stew for whoever wants and as a main course a cod recipe al pilpil with a honey vinaigrette. For dessert, you can prepare a tarte tatin recipe or a apple cinnamon cakeas the two are done quickly.

  3. Menu of Roasted Peppers Salad, tofu, Noodles and Muffins

    • Incoming: Scalding with vinaigrette
    • First course: tofu
    • Second course: Noodles with ratatouille
    • Dessert: Muffins

    The Roasted Peppers Salad with vinaigrette and the tofu they won’t fill you up enough, so you’ll enjoy starting the noodles topped with Ratatouille Recipe or a great burrito recipe, since they are dishes that fill much more. And then some great Muffins Recipe.

  4. Broccoli, Quinoa, Tail and Churros Menu

    • Incoming: Broccoli with bechamel
    • First course: Quinoa
    • Second course: Oxtail with mustard vinaigrette
    • Dessert: Churros

    Help yourself to a delicious dish in which you have a portion of Broccoli Recipes cooked the way you like and bathed in Bechamel Recipe, a bit of quinoa recipe and one oxtail recipe bathed in vinaigrette with mustard or one enchilada recipecovered with green sauce and you will have one of the best meals you have ever had. And for dessert? Well, you could try taking some chocolate churros prepared by you.

  5. Soup, Salad, Hamburger and brownie Menu

    • Incoming: Chicken Soup
    • First course: Russian salad
    • Second course: Burger with orange vinaigrette
    • Dessert: brownie

    After a Chicken Soup a delicious Russian salad recipe, and then a Burger bathed in a orange vinaigrette, which will give a very different flavor to meat, or a delicious Baked rice to end up taking a delicious brownie home.

  6. Soup, Pie, Meatballs and cookies Menu

    • Incoming: Fish soup
    • First course: Galician pie
    • Second course: Meatballs with caper vinaigrette
    • Dessert: cookies

    It is good to start with a fish soup with rice, first because it provides many nutrients to the body and second because it is quite light. If you don’t feel like a portion of Galician empanada later, you can go directly to have some Meatballs Recipe bathed with a caper vinaigrette, or prepare a good plate of Tortellini Recipe bathed in pesto, and then have some delicious cookies homemade.

  7. Croquettes, Ceviche, Hake and Truffles Menu

    • Incoming: Ham croquette
    • First course: Ceviche
    • Second course: Hake in green sauce with honey vinaigrette
    • Dessert: Chocolate truffles

    It starts with a ham croquettes with bacon in which you have a delicious and warm Ceviche Recipe, and then move on to a stronger dish that fills your stomach more, the hake in green sauce that you can accompany it with a honey vinaigrette to give it a sweeter taste. Then some Chocolate Truffles Recipe, to enjoy its flavor. A cup of white tea after a good meal helps in digestion to better absorb the nutrients from the food you eat and if you want to know what white tea has, take a look at propertiesdelteblanco.com.

  8. Soup, Omelette, Chicken and Cake Menu

    • Incoming: Seafood soup
    • First course: Omelette
    • Second course: Chicken curry with vinaigrette
    • Dessert: Cheesecake

    Do you want to eat a very nutritious meal? Well start by taking a seafood soup recipe, already prepared or made by you at home, then a portion of the Potato Omelette Recipe that you like the most to accompany the Chicken curry bathed in vinaigrette, it can be very useful to prepare the cheese cake, being able to choose the Cheesecake Recipe that you like the most to make it and have an ideal dessert to close any meal, another way to have something with this dairy, can be the caramel cheese flan.

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