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Cheese Sauce

Pine nut sauce recipe for meat and fish

Pine nut sauce for meat and fish

pine nut sauceIngredients for 4 people:

  • 200 g pine nuts
  • 1 glass of dry white wine
  • 1 glass of cognac
  • 50 butter
  • 150 cc of liquid cream
  • Nutmeg salt

Preparation of pine nut sauce:

In a frying pan with butter, fry the pine nuts and, when they begin to brown, set aside a few, and add the white wine, letting it boil for a few minutes to evaporate.

Then the brandy is added and it is also allowed to evaporate. It is seasoned with a little nutmeg and salt and little by little the liquid cream is added, stirring it with a wooden spoon so that everything is well mixed.

When everything has been cooked together for a couple of minutes, it is crushed with the electric mixer and once this the fine sauce is returned to the pan to heat it, adding the rest of the whole pine nuts that have been separated before.

Once hot, it is transferred to a sauce boat and served.

This sauce accompanies fish, meats, artichokes, etc.

This is a very simple and quick sauce, and you can serve it with just about anything. Being so simple, this sauce is perfect to experiment with, try adding a raw garlic clove before mashing the sauce, it will add a touch of depth to the sauce.

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