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Lemon brownie recipe

Lemon brownie recipe

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East lemon brownie It is a light and smooth dessert, perfect for snacking or serving at birthday parties and celebrations. Do you want to learn how to prepare it? Its flavor will surely surprise you! You just have to take note of the ingredients you are going to need and turn on the oven.

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Lemon brownie recipe.

  1. The first thing is to place the sugar in a large bowl, along with the flour and salt. We stir everything with a teaspoon so that it is well mixed and we reserve for later.
  2. Start the oven at 180º C.
  3. In another bowl we place the butter and let it soften to room temperature. Already soft, and manageable, we add the eggs, the condensed milk, we grate the lemon peel and then we squeeze it. Finally the vanilla extract. With an electric rod, or the mixer, we mix everything until a kind of single dough is formed.
  4. Now we pour the first mixture that we have made with the flour, the salt and the sugar and we mix everything again until a single dough is formed, which is not too thick and without lumps. Try to make it something like a cream.
  5. We butter a baking tin bowl and pour the mixture, spreading it well throughout the mold.
  6. We put in the oven for half an hour, piercing it before taking it out to check that it is done inside.

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