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Recipe of battered eggplants with chickpea flour

Recipe for eggplant aubergine battered with chickpea flour

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Have you ever tried the eggplant aubergine battered with chickpea flour? This is yet another way to prepare crispy battered and fried aubergines, giving them a traditional touch. Chickpea flour is a lifelong ingredient, which has always been very present in our gastronomy.

In addition, battered aubergines are an ideal accompaniment to any type of dish. How about trying to combine them with a juicy plate of stewed meat with tomato or some exquisite homemade sardines with tomato Both dishes are really delicious and go perfectly with the aubergines coated in chickpea flour!

Do you dare with this recipe that we present to you today in Easyrecipe.top? Well let’s go!


Preparation of the aubergines battered with chickpea flour

  1. To prepare these delicious aubergines battered with chickpea flour, the first thing we are going to do is wash the aubergine well under running water and dry it well.
  2. Next we are going to cut the eggplant aubergine into slices. We must give it an intermediate thickness, between five and ten millimeters. It is about being done well and being juicy, without getting burned on the outside.
  3. Then we will dry the slices of aubergine with absorbent kitchen paper so that they release all the water. We put them on a plate with some salt on top.
  4. In a deep plate we will beat the eggs and in another we will put the chickpea flour. We put oil in a frying pan and put it to heat over medium heat.
  5. We are coating the aubergines in the following way: we pass them one by one through the egg and then through the chickpea flour and add them directly to the pan if the oil is already hot.
  6. We fry them over medium heat on both sides, taking care not to burn them. When they are golden and tender we take them out. We are going to put them in a source or plate with absorbent paper. This way they won’t be too greasy, which is what it’s all about.
  7. If you like honey, you can add a little on top when you are going to serve it. You can use both cane and flower honey. This is up to you, depending on whether you like it to have a more bitter taste, in which case you will use cane honey, or you prefer to be sweet, for which you should choose flower honey.
  8. And we are done! You can finally start taking these delicious aubergines that we have coated with chickpea flour. You must take them very warm, so they will be more crisp! Take advantage!

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