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Black Tea

White tea vs. green tea

There has been a lot of talk about that the properties of white tea far exceed those of green tea, but is that true? Find out for yourself with these comparisons:

differences of white tea versus green tea

For starters, studies have shown that white tea helps treat viruses and bacteria better than its ancient sibling green tea. This is because it contains fewer catechins and epicatechins, which improves the functioning of the immune system. But since the leaves used for white tea are younger, they are healthier.

Other differences between white tea and green tea

  1. It contains much less fluoride than green tea, due to the youth of the leaves, which does not put the health of consumers at risk, such as an abusive consumption of green tea.
  2. The use of white tea in cosmetic matters is more and more relaxed, since making masks with these leaves helps to protect and sanitize the skin, at the same time that they protect it from external aggressions.
  3. For athletes it is a good source of energy, since it helps to recover from the fatigue of having exercised. It is also very good for people who feel tired when they get up. Drinking white tea in the morning gives the body and brain a significant amount of energy that will allow you to carry out the tasks of the day without any problem.
  4. It has greater potency for removing fluids from the body than green tea. That is because it has greater diuretic properties. Although it is good for liquids to pass through the body, it is possible for them to travel to the joints, causing arthritis or gout. That is why its elimination is necessary, to avoid all these problems. For those who suffer from it, it is also very good to drink white tea, to reduce pain and help the body expel it.

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