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Almond salmorejo recipe

Almond salmorejo recipe

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This almond salmorejo is a cold soup typical of Andalusian cuisine that is also known as Cordoba dungeon or white salmorejo, since it is made without tomato.

This recipe is typical of the summer, has a great nutritional contribution and is usually served as a starter with meals. It also combines perfectly with other dishes, be it meat or fish. So you can serve it for example accompanying a rich marinated dogfish or some veal flamenquines.

Follow the step by step and enjoy this delicious almond salmorejo today!


  • 60 gr. town bread crumbs (2 slices)
  • 250 gr. from almonds raw
  • 1 tooth of Garlic
  • 250 ml. Of olive oil
  • 15 ml. sherry vinegar
  • 500 ml. of water
  • Salt

Preparation of almond salmorejo

  1. We start by putting in the blender glass, or a deep container where we can beat, the garlic clove and the salt.
  2. Next we add the breadcrumbs, water, vinegar and oil.
  3. Now we start beating at maximum power for about 2 minutes or until everything is well beaten.
  4. Add the almonds and beat again at maximum power until they are fully integrated (there should be no lumps)
  5. We try to rectify salt or vinegar.
  6. Finally, we put the almond salmorejo in the fridge and let it cool down before serving.
  7. As a garnish you can add some grapes, peeled almonds, pieces of ham … Enjoy it!

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