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Synthetic cork stoppers recipe

Synthetic cork stoppers

Synthetic cork stoppersMore than once we have heard of wines that have been spoiled by the cork. However, natural cork is still the most common system for corking a wine. At present, other methods have emerged such as synthetic cork stoppersBut what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage of cork is that it conforms perfectly to the neck of the bottle and allows the passage of small amounts of air that favor the reduction process that takes place inside the bottle. However, it is impossible to know if a batch of corks is totally free of problems and a cork in bad condition is enough to ruin a wine.

In turn, the synthetic stopper can never be subjected to that contamination known to the French as bouchone and they do not add strange flavors to the wine. They completely seal the bottle and isolate the wine.

However, they do not reach the flexibility of the corks and they are more difficult to remove from the bottle.

The synthetic plugs they work very well in wines youths They are fast to consume and have been received with great acceptance by the producers of the new world. They are also opposed by those who consider that cork is part of the wine culture and they think that the synthetic cap is a way to industrialize the market.

Synthetic cork stoppers are better but are not recognized for not being traditionally manufactured.

Another capping method that It’s not authorized in many appellations of origin it is screw caps, which allow a comfortable way of uncovering the wine and are also free of the unpleasant flavors that a cork in bad condition provides.

These stoppers are also criticized by those who think that they transfer a metal flavor to the wine and by those who, once again, consider that it breaks with the traditional wine culture.

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